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TOOLS TO: TALK provides a range of mental health training sessions designed designed to give participantsthe tools and confidence to have a life changing, and possibly lifesaving, conversation. They’re designed by those they’re designed to teach, with input and advice from mental health experts, those with livedexperience and other amazing people.

Who can sign up?

We welcome anyone to sign up for one of our courses. Our current packages are aimed at young people and university students, we are in the midst of developing courses for the wider community. Whether you are a university student, or just someone who is keen to know more, please get in touch. If you are keen to set up a PROJECT:TALK society in your university, please refer to OUR NETWORK page

What courses do you provide?

We have courses for medical students, university students, as well as community groups. We are also currently developing courses for businesses.

Where do courses take place?

Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 measures, we have plans to conduct our sessions both online and in person, depending on the arranged time. Our courses are best held face-to-face, with an open group setting for discussion.

How have the resources been developed?

Our content has been created using a mix of personal and shared experiences from the team, as well as valuable input from Psychiatrists, Mental Health professionals, and Off the Record, a mental health charity in the UK. We emphasize that there is no 'one size fits all' method, and encourage an individualized and personal approach.