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Skinny Pig, Rabbit and Guinea Pig

❄️Small pets winter guide.❄️

Meet Burt a skinny pig, Skinny pigs can not be found in the wild. “skinnies” don't have any fur, except on their noises and a little on their feet, they must be kept indoors in a warm environment. Due to the fact they don't have fur which naturally keeps them warm when the weather is cold, skinnies are prone to catching cold or even hypothermia very easily.

If your rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets live outside, you can make their winter a bit more comfortable with these simple steps:

Bring them inside in the worst weather. If temperatures drop, bring them inside. A porch or conservatory is perfect for them because they won’t get too hot. If you’re not able to bring them into your home you could keep them in a car-free shed or garage. Remember: car fumes could be fatal.

Keep their hutch out of rain and snow. Make sure it’s in a sheltered area of your garden where wind, rain and snow can’t get in.

Give them extra warmth. Put an old blanket or tarpaulin over their hutch to help keep it warm.

Outdoor exercise. Even in cold weather, your pets need natural light and exercise so make sure they have constant access to an outdoor run to use, too.

Extra bedding. Give them plenty of bedding hay to snuggle into. Change it regularly to keep their hutch fresh. Ferrets tend to love fleecy blankets and sleeping sacks.

A heat pad. Place an animal-safe heat pad under their bedding for extra warmth.

Wrap up their water bottles. Stop their water bottles freezing by wrapping water bottles in bubble wrap or an old sock.

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