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Thunder and Dogs

Most of us will welcome the Storms and thunder but for some of our pets it can be very traumatic. A pet with noise phobia will pick up associated signals, such as rain indicating thunder or even a change in barometric pressure and become fearful long before they hear the sound they are frightened of.

Some dogs have responses which are quite difficult to cope with, such as pulling all the contents of a cupboard out and clambering inside, hiding under the bed, running from room to room, trembling, shaking or toileting. When dogs hear loud noises outside, they can run away from their owners in panic, potentially across roads or into other dangerous situations.

Ways in which you can help your pet during the thunder storms.

*Creating a Safe Space – Sometimes our pets simply need reassurance and support in knowing they’re safe. Whether this means giving them a quiet dark place to hide, or surrounding them by their favourite toys on their favourite blanket, reassuring them can be as easy as giving them a safe place to weather the storm. (below are pictures of safe places our nurses have made using tables, chairs and boxes.)

*Although you may feel the need to cuddle your pet don't be tempted to as this can make the situation worse sometimes as they can feel contained and restricted.

*Try to stay clam and do not make a huge fuss out of the situation just try to relax and act as though is it perfectly normal.

*Thundershirts can also help they are a pressure wrap for anxious dogs. It’s intended to have a calming effect by approximating the feeling of a hug with out the physical restraint.

If your pet becomes too stressed by the thunder storms we are able to offer anti-anxiety medication.

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